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Wholesale only.  Our ferns and other potted plants are only available to ABN registered retail or landscaping businesses.

These are some of the ferns and shade loving plants we grow:

(all photos below taken by us of our own stock)

274 MAIDENHAIR FERNAdiantum raddianum 'Fragrans'  Graceful indoor, patio or understory garden plant. Protect from direct sun, drying winds & keep moist.

285 PACIFIC MAID MAIDENHAIR FERNAdiantum raddianum 'Pacific Maid'  Graceful indoor, patio or understory garden plant. Protect from direct sun, drying winds & keep moist.

330 UPSIDE-DOWN FERNArachnoides standishii   Hardy Japanese woodland fern. Thinly textured fronds show the spores underside, hence the name.

332 SHREDDED SPLEENWORTAsplenium aethiopicum   Grows on or amongst rocks in the Aussie bush. Tough fronds to 40cm. Indoor or shady garden.

286 BIRD'S NEST FERNAsplenium australasicum  Robust Australian fern to 2m. Indoor, well-drained garden or as epiphyte on tree or rock. Light shade.

315 HEN AND CHICKEN FERNAsplenium bulbiferum  Delicate looking but easy and adaptable. Indoor or shady garden. Grows baby ferns on fronds to 1.2m.

329 ISLAND BEAUTYAsplenium bulbiferum x surrogatum  Resilient fern with glossy tough fronds to 75cm. Shady garden or great indoors out of direct sun.

316 ISLAND JEWELAsplenium milnei  Shiny easy to grow fern from lowland Lord Howe Is. Clump of fronds to 60cm. Indoors or shady garden.

276 JAPANESE PAINTED FERNAthyrium niponicum 'Pictum'  Beautiful silvery grey, red and blue fronds to 50cm. Cold hardy. Likes rich loam in dappled sunlight.

278 RAY WATER FERNBlechnum fluviatile  Ideal rockery or shady garden plant. Fronds to 50cm in beautiful rosette. Keep well watered.

308 BRAZILIAN VOLCANO FERNBlechnum brasiliense  Lush with red new growth. Fronds to 1.5m. Older plants have short trunk. Pots / moist shady garden. 

282 SILVER LADY FERNBlechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady'  Lush but easy care. Fronds to 70cm. Older plants have short trunk. Pots or moist shady garden.

317 OPAL FERNBlechnum minus x wattsii  Cold hardy Aussie. Bronze-pink new fronds become tough dark green to 1.2m. Shade to sunny if moist. 

294 FISHBONE WATER FERNBlechnum nudum  Aust. Beautiful whether singular in a pot or mass planted in a moist shady garden. Fronds to 1m.

290 STRAP WATER FERNBlechnum patersonii  Australian. Pinkish-bronze new fronds grow glossy dark green up to 80cm long. Shady moist position.

319 ALPINE WATER FERNBlechnum penna-marina  Delightful creeping ground cover 30cm tall. Shady moist garden. Fast growing, cold tolerant Aussie.

291 BINUNGChristella dentata  Hardy Aussie fern. Appealing rosette of graceful fronds to 1m. Easily grown in moist location.

318 NORFOLK ISLAND TREE FERNCyathea brownii  Vigorous. Impressive in a moist lightly shaded to sunny garden. Fronds to 4m long, strong tall trunk.

283 LACY TREE FERNCyathea cooperi 'Improved'  Fast growing Aussie tree fern. Moist lightly shaded to sunny position. Huge fronds and tall slim trunk.

281 HOLLY FERNCyrtomium falcatum  Ideal Gift! Easy to grow. Glossy fronds to 50cm. Indoor or heavy shade to moist sunny garden.

333 HARE'S-FOOT FERNDavallia mariesii   Easy care. Wandering furry rhizomes climb tree, rock, cover a hanging basket. Shade to partial sun.

295 SOFT TREE FERNDicksonia antarctica  Hardy Aussie fern. Can grow huge with fronds 3m long on thick tall trunk. Moist shady to partial sun.

293 PRICKLY RASP FERNDoodia aspera  Tough Aussie. New fronds bright pink to red growing to 35cm. Shady to moist sunny garden.

320 RASP FERNDoodia media  Hardy Aussie. Tough fronds to 30cm. Red new growth. Great ground cover. Moist, semi shade.

334 GOLDEN-SCALED MALE FERNDryopteris affinis 'Cristata The King'  This fancy fern was developed in the Victorian age. Fronds to 1.2m. Easily grown in moist shade. UK.

335 AUTUMN FERNDryopteris erythrosora  Coppery to red new fronds, older dark green, 45cm. Easy to grow in deep shade to part sun. East Asia.

321 MALE FERNDryopteris filix-mas  Widespread northern hemisphere favourite due to dramatic 1.5m fronds. Easy in moist semi-shade.

287 MARGINAL WOODFERNDryopteris marginalis  Clumps of tough fronds to 60cm. Easy to grow in loamy soil under the shade of trees. Nth America.

284 KANGAROO FERNMicrosorum diversifolium  Tough Aussie. Grows on trees, rocks or in ground, pots or baskets. Plastic-like fronds to 60cm.

322 EMERALD QUEENNephrolepis obliterata 'Emerald Queen'  Easy to grow Aussie. Ideal for hanging basket, tub or garden.  Great indoors, patio or shady corner.

288 SICKLE FERNPellaea falcata  Rambling, glossy coarse fronds to 60cm.  Pot or friable loam in shady to semi sunny garden. Aust.

289 FEATHER SHIELD FERNPolystichum retrosopaleaceum  Hardy. Shiny fronds to 1m. Moist garden or tub in shade. Interesting flushes of new growth. Japan.

323 CRETAN BRAKEPteris cretica 'Gautherii'  Easy to grow in a pot or moist free draining soil. Best in dappled sunlight. Frilly fronds to 60cm.

336 JUNGLE BRAKEPteris umbrosa var. gracilifolia  Australian rainforest fern. Easy to grow in shady moist garden. Shiny dark green fronds to 1.2m.

324 LEATHER FERNRumohra adiantiformis Cape form  Vigorous South African fern with thick tough fronds to 1.5m. Ideal indoor, garden, cut foliage.

325 EMERALD CLUBMOSSSelaginella kraussiana  Soft low groundcover ideal for moist fernery, terrarium, pot or basket. Indoor or shady garden.

326 GOLDEN CLUBMOSSSelaginella kraussiana 'Aurea'  Soft low groundcover ideal for moist fernery, terrarium, pot or basket. Indoor or shady garden.

327 BABY'S TEARSSoleirolia soleirolii  Easy to grow living carpet for a shady fernery. Also great for baskets, terrariums & walls. Keep moist.

337 AUSTRAL KING FERNTodea barbara  Impressive large Australian fern. Fronds to 1.5m from fibrous mound. Shade - part sun. Keep moist.

292 Blechnum SILVER LADY in 180mm pots313 Ferns come in a wide variety of frond shapes and colours.