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Paulownia kawakamii x taiwaniana
Mauve Miracle
TG2021 flowers close up
TG2021TG2021 at 2 years oldTG2021 mature canopy in spring

This is a hybrid created at TGG. A cross of  P. kawakamii and P. taiwaniana (which is itself a natural hybrid of P. kawakamii and P. fortunei) this variety is a strong fast growing tree well suited to temperate to tropical zones. Will survive heavy frosts and drought once established, but like all Paulownia responds with lushest growth in moist rich soil. Quickly grows a straight trunk clear of branches at the base, with older trees forming a dense leafy canopy. Ideal as an ornamental shade tree or for commercial forestry in suitable zones. Sweetly perfumed masses of mauve fading to cream flowers in spring.

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